Turning an idea into the ideal.

Pigs: Cinte Senesi and Rustici Sambucani.

Cattle: Chianina, Piemontese, Limousine.

Poultry: Valdarno chickens, Robusta Lionata and Maculata, Livornese, Emellinata of Rovigo and Pepoi.

They are all apart but linked by a common idea: turning back to a breeding that can ensure a natural, slow growth and the animal’s well-being. An example? When pigs that are born in the farm are 60/90 days old, they are left wild in the WWF oasis Dynamo Camp so that they can seek acorns, chestnuts, berries and truffles.
An organic breeding method allowing the Savigni to conserve rare and threatened native breeds. The outcome? The Consortium of local Cinta Senese breeders – the Savigni family is also part of it – has applied for and achieved the PDO certification. PDO meat and PDO animals. The idea is to come back to a more rural dimension, apart from constraints imposed by the intensive farming systems, caring for the animal’s well-being and rhythms.

The idea is good. The ideal is strong!

In the pink, the green.

The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, for a start.
Woods and meadows, leaves and grass.
The environment is essential. The Savigni family works in an authentic setting: the passing of the seasons, the good water of Porretta and the clear one of the Suviana Lake. Here you can experience extended times immersed in a green, ever changing environment, that first shines and then fades gaining back its brightness at the right time. The closed cycle of production of the Savigni takes place mainly outdoors, because those animals put out to pastures in a wild state are healthier and guarantee a better quality of meat. A consistent and organic choice, without exceptions, if not some feed implementing the diet during the winter months. Animals need air, woods and fields.
The territory of the Savigni family includes even a WWF oasis, where the animals can graze.
This is why their excellence is natural.

Green is strong!


It is not so easy to say it in words. There would be a lot to say, but the best thing is to taste it.

The best thing you can do is to try the excellence of the Savigni, the products you like most, you maybe know or you never tasted before. No words will be needed then, because the quality products are simply tasty: there is no need to underline the tradition, passion, knowledge and experience of the men and women who worked hard for it. However, you maybe feel like listening this story, getting to know the path that brought them here and perhaps beyond.

The taste is strong!

The value of commitment.

The essential elements of breeding pigs and cattle, processing the animals’ meat and producing cold cuts are passion, experience and commitment. Respecting all the standards and values, which have always been a priority for the Savigni – means an additional effort. Therefore, they are very proud of the certificates they acquired, and they are right.


Certifications: Bollo IT 9-3467/L IT R152E CE ANAS (National Association Pig Farmers) – Japan Export (Ministry of Health) – BioAgriCert (Certification Body / Organic Control) – Products Guarantee AIAB (Certification Body / Organic Control) – INEQ (Quality North-East Institute / Body – PDO Control Cinta Senese) – TUV (German Certification Body ISO 9001/08) – quality consortium Consorzio Tutela of Cinta Senese – Quality Consortium Consorzio Tutela Finocchiona PGI – Finocchiona PGI (Certification Body INeQ – Quality North-East Institute) – Vitellone Bianco dell’Appennino Centrale PGI “Chianina beef” (Certification Body 3A-PTA – Umbria Agri-food Technology Park)

EU Reg. 1305/2013 – RDP 2014/2020 for the Region of Tuscany – Integrated Supply Chain Projects Year 2015 – PIF (Integrated Supply Chain Projects) 40/2015 – Sub-measure 16.2 “ValMonti – Promotion of Traditional and Innovative Products of the Mountains around Pistoia”


It's time to try.

Better to be on the safe side: your mouth will be watering after reading and by seeing the products.
We are going to presents all the matured products by Savigni: all of them prepared, stuffed, cured and matured in their laboratory. You are warned!


Cured meat are tasty, however, even the cooked products by Savigni are excellent. Look at the cooked ham: it is an authentic, cooked ham. Actually, the pigs’ haunch is not squared, right?

Pan-fried or grilled.

Whether you are in Pavana, in the original small shop, or in one of the outlets selling the Savigni uncooked products we recommend to ask for advice and trust the person in front of you. The real butcher knows how to prepare and cook the single meat product at best. You can always rely Savigni.

It's time to try.

The taste is strong!


Pavana (Sambuca Pistoiese) Via Nazionale 43
Montale Via IV Novembre 20

Pistoia (Ponte Calcaiola) SS66 KM0 direzione Abetone/Modena

 Via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 2

Firenze Via dell’Ariento 10-14

Roma Via Giolitti 36

Torino Piazza della Repubblica 25

Campi Bisenzio Centro Commerciale I GIGLI

+39 0573 892521