A small shop that smells of home.

When you first get in Pavana, you surely notice the Savigni butcher shop.

You simply have to follow the pink color to arrive in a magic place.

You enter and get lost in the perfumes of spices and the vision of Cinta hams, sausages and sambucani greaves. This is the realm of the Savigni family, here the essence of the brand finds its best expression: the guarantee of absolute, recognized high quality certified. In this small shop, the Savigni sell their traditional products with the smile offering advice for the best cooking of every piece. This is the attitude you have at home, with the people you love. The relationship between the artisan and the one who chooses the delicacies he sells is ever growing. In Pavana the eyes are delighted, the nose quivers and throat rejoices. A smile appears on the visitor’s face, obviously.

The house is strong!

You need passion
to achieve excellence.

The laboratory is the place for the care and creativity; here nothing is left to chance.

The five senses are on the alert: you have to ensure the right temperature, recognize the colors and interpret the perfumes characterizing quality. Here men and women of the Savigni family best express their art and knowledge, since every piece of meat needs different processing phases, a specific drying and unique curing. The work of Fausto, Paola, Nicolò and Mileto moves from both experience and passion: they coordinate their gestures while cutting, mixing and stuffing the filling into casings. They follow the curing process systematically, as they used to do in the past. With a special care to every single piece. Day and night. Care and attention are never enough.

Excellence is strong.

Street Food

Street Food

Who looks for the pink finds Savigni.

There was a time when the street food was not so popular, yet. However, the Savigni used to serve their specialties at fairs and various events dedicated to the greedy food lovers.
Today it is even simpler to identify their excellences:
just in case the aroma of meat products and cold cuts was not enough, the pink small Ape truck and light van will not surely go unnoticed.

It's time to try.

The taste is strong!


Pavana (Sambuca Pistoiese) Via Nazionale 43

Pistoia (Ponte a Calciolo) SS66 KM0 direzione abetone/modena

Firenze Via dell’Ariento 10-14

Campi Bisenzio Centro Commerciale I GIGLI

Roma Via Giolitti 36

Torino Piazza della Repubblica 25

+39 0573 892521